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FERRARI will perform a filming day between the two races in SILVERSTONE

Ferrari will stay on the track at Silverstone a day longer than its rivals. The Italians will use the time between the two races for a day of filming.

Photo: HB Press

It's about saving formula 1 pronounced prohibition of testing during the season. With current race cars, teams outside the championship program can only drive if they take advantage of one of them two available recording days.

Within recording day teams with the current race car of the season may not drive more than 100 kilometers. The car is shod in special tires with a very hard mixture that have nothing to do with Pirelli's tires on which to race in the championship. The background to this lies in preventing it abuse on these filming days, which has been happening in the past.

Ferrari will do a shooting day between the two races in Silverstone, on August 5th to be precise.

Team Ferrari will be in the future ten days performed such a filming day, between the two races on the racetrack Silverstone. So during the race for British GP, scheduled for August 2, and Grand Prix of the 70th anniversary of Formula 1, which will be on August 9th. Team from Maranella the said recording day is planned for Wednesday, August 5th.

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