GIEDO van der GARDE: RED BULL should replace ALBON with PEREZ

Former Dutch Formula 1 racer Giedo van der Garde believes the Red Bull team should replace Alex Albon with Sergio Perez for the 2021 season.

After he was after summer break last season called in the first Red Bull team, is a Thai racer, born in England, is still trying to keep up with his teammate Max Verstappn.

This is why they occur speculation about being able to 24-year-old lost a seat for the season 2021. "If Red Bull is smart, they will have to put Sergio Perez in another car besides Verstappn,”Is for the website said Giedo van der Garde, a former Formula 1 racer Mexican could possibly be his seat on the team Racing Point lost against Sebastian Vettl. "Sergio is better than Albon. This can be seen especially in the qualifiers, where Albon is always half a second behind Max."

Former Dutch Formula 1 driver Giedo van der Garde believes that Red Bull should replace Thai racer Alex Albon with Sergio Perez, as this would also help Max Verstappn.

"I think Perez has the speed to chase Verstappn and that would help Max too. We could see that when his teammate Daniel Ricciardo,He added van der Garde. However Red Bull apparently he had not yet given up on Albonom. From the fourth race onwards in Silverstone, will be young Tajec had a new racing engineer Simon Rennie, who was an engineer Brand Webbra in the 2013 season before he started working with Ricciardom until 2018. Last year Rennie operated in a team factory.

In the team factory in Milton Keynes so he moved Mike Lugg, which has been so far Albonov racing engineer. “As a team, we are committed to making the best use of the RB16 race car and our racers in the continuation of the championship of this shortened season,”Reads the team's press release Red Bull.

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Posted by: Bojan Vrbnjak

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