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Unauthorized assistance to racers: HAAS would do it again

The American team garnered double attention in the race for the Hungarian Grand Prix with just one strategic decision.

On the one hand, they are for tension took care mainly in the initial stage of the racewhen they accepted courageous decision in terms of tires. On the other hand, she also took care of the attention punishment, which they received due to unauthorized command by radio, leading to heated debates.

Günther Steiner, team boss Haas, has now given his position on this once again. “We would definitely do it again. The penalty of a 10-second mark-up was somewhat ambiguous. Unfortunately, we could not appeal against it because it is a time penalty and cannot be objected to. We have to leave that behind now, but it certainly made Sunday's race better for everyone. I don’t think we should stop doing things like that in racing because otherwise we could be Formula 1 racing bookkeepers."

Günther Steiner, head of the Haas team, emphasized that the case from Hungary, which provided for a time penalty, would be done again - Photo: HB Press

Nevertheless, the team was able to Hungary looking forward to one point. Disadvantages of their car VF-20 but remain. “We have not planned any further development this year. From what we have, we need to make the best of it and try to improve it in the coming year." Also for short-term solutions there is no hope. “We simply lack the speed in qualifying and we have to live with that, as we do not intend to introduce major improvements, much less engine development. We just always have to fight and do a good job, then we can also hope for something better.

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Posted by: Bojan Vrbnjak

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