The reason why it smokes from a MERCEDES engine is not yet clear

In the first three races of this season, we were able to observe the unusual smoke billowing from the backs of race cars betting on Mercedes engines. Toto Wolff has now spoken about this and tried to explain this “phenomenon”.

Many fans Mercedesa, Williams in Racing Point they watched in awe the performances of their favorite teams and racers in the first three races of the season as smoking started from the back of the race cars. Sun otherwise appeared occasionally, but enough to worry about a possible resignation.

About Mercedes' "phenomenon" was on Hungary addressed also Toto Wolffwho said: “We notice this ourselves, especially at the start of the race when the oil tank is full. Apparently we have a problem with oil leaking somewhere.”However, he had to Austrian admit: “The exact cause is not yet completely clear to us. But as it turns out, we have no control over how much of this oil runs out at the start of the race. Which I can say, however, is that there is nothing concrete here that should worry us in terms of reliability."

Toto Wolff, the head of the Mercedes team, admitted that they do not yet know the reason why they smoke - especially at the beginning of the race - from their engines, but he assures that this does not affect the reliability of their units.

Toto Wolff announced that the answer could have already been in Silverstoneand at the same time said that the smoke from the backs of racing cars had nothing to do with the measures reliability problems during winter testing. V Barcelona were recorded in six days four problems with the engine, both at the factory team and at the partners. Techniques they found a problem with oil pressure, there were also problems with cooling of the electric generator on a turbocharger. Dave Robson, Williams chief technician, don't worry about the smoke. “This is just about excess oil, so I don’t see any danger to the engine’s durability.

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Posted by: Bojan Vrbnjak

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