SEBASTIAN VETTEL: I'm not under time pressure

In view of his future, Sebastian Vettel does not want to put himself under pressure. Although the deadline for the clause to be withdrawn by the Racing Point team at Perez expires today, it seems that Vettel still has more time to make the decision, as he claims.

Sebastian Vettel is after the race on Hungary traveled to Maranello, where he sat in a simulator, after which he went into solitude and prepared for the next race in the circle of his family.

There is nothing new about his future. But Sebastian he subconsciously agreed Helmut Mark iz Red Bull, which is a colleague from said he did not believe he would Vettlova the future decided today, so often mentioned July 31, 2020. Because many media reported that it was supposed to expire today cancellation clause of Sergio Perez and yes Lawrence Stroll, team owner Racing Point, wants to get an answer today Vettla. The German remains relaxed: "I repeat, there is no time pressure. Maybe I’ll know in the coming weeks, maybe it’ll take longer. For me, the package should fit. The most important thing is to make the right decision for myself. Whatever it is. Time will tell."

Today, according to media reports, Vettl's future could be decided in terms of the Racing Point team, but this is clearly not the case, as he says.

They are still a choice three options: continue racing, a year break or say goodbye forever. Here Vettel still hides his cards very well. “I do know, however, that I am still able to achieve good results if the package is appropriate. It’s no secret that I want to win and nothing has changed on that.Nemec is looking forward to racing on home soil again this year as he has Nurburgring returned to the calendar Formula 1. "This is a great trail with a huge tradition. The weather can provide surprises in all respects. Temperatures from 0 ° C to sunny 20 ° C are possible."

Vettel does not feel any malicious joy in the face of the Ferrari crisis, he feels bad for the people on the team who are doing their best for the success of the team.

Because of the crisis Ferrari, who will leave at the end of the season, Hag he feels no one malicious joy, also does not feel any satisfactionthat he is the president of Ferrari John Elkann this week announced it will Ferrari competitive only in 2022. "I think Ferrari fans and the whole public have a right to the truth in these times. I sympathize with the people on the team who do their best for success.”The fourth race of the season is now on the schedule Silverstone. Vettel does not expect to be able to uproot trees here. “The trail definitely doesn’t suit us. We are in a subordinate position here,”So racer Ferrari, who hopes to be able to achieve his on Sunday 3000. point. To that end, he must win at least seventh place.

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