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UK GP, FP2: STROLL fastest, ugly accident ALBONA

With the fastest time of the second practice, Lance Stroll once again showed that the pink team in Silverstone will have to be seriously counted on, although the fact remains that the times at FP2 are not exactly a measure of success in qualifying and in the race.

Surprisingly, he set the best time in the second practice Lance stroll, who set the fastest mark of the day with a time of 1: 27.364 minutes. In second place, with less than a tenth of a lag, they managed to swing Alex Albon, which is later in bend Stowe crashed badly into the protective fence and took care to interrupt the training and thus also significantly crossed the accounts of many who wanted to put in that period of training fast laps. Fortunately, it is Tajec he was able to get out of the car on his own and is not questionable for tomorrow’s qualifiers.

Among those for whom Albon broke the fast lap was also the current leader in the overall standings, Lewis Hamilton, who then tried again, but was too long in one of the bends, so he gave up setting up a fast lap and focused on longrun simulations.

Both Mercedesa they finished “only” in third and fifth place. Valtteri Bottas was third with 0,157 seconds behind, Lewis Hamilton on the fifth he was three tenths of a second behind. A Ferrari driver burst in between them Charles Leclerc (+ 0.296). Nico Hülkenberg (Racing Point), which replaces the coronavirus sufferer Checa Pereza, he finished his second training session again this year in the top ten, this time in seventh place.

On the other hand Max Verstappen he obviously didn't try the qualification settings and therefore he didn't even manage to get into the top ten, and he gets on his nerves in the fast complex Maggots & Becketts stepped still Romain Grosjean, who drove there “at a holiday pace” and stopped a quick attempt by the Dutchman.

Daniel Ricciardo tested new ones this afternoon aerodynamic elements (so-called bargeboards) and a new race car bottom. In the morning, they are together with a teammate Esteban Ocon ranked seventh and eighth, the Australian finished ninth in second, while the Frenchman finished training in 13th place.

He had a particularly bad day today Sebastian Vettel, who missed the first free practice anyway, as he is also in the second more than on the track spent in the pits, where mechanics struggled with his race car. When he was on the track, he seemed to very tormentedto his Ferrari even manages to steer through the curves of the racetrack in Silverston.

They also did well in the second free practice Carlos Sainz on the sixth and Pierre Gasly in eighth place Vasseur's thesis about more competitive Alfa Romeu C39 however, he partially fulfilled only Kimi Räikönnen in tenth place.

Interesting qualifiers are definitely waiting for us tomorrow, and all eyes will be on Nice Hülkenbergwho has a nice chance to with Racing Point RP20 comes to a good starting point. So at least to me Jenson Buttonemphasizing: "When he sleeps through it all a bit and examines the data he gained in today's tests, I'm sure he has a good chance to achieve a resounding result this weekend."

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Posted by: Marko Hanželič

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