DANIEL RICCIARDO celebrates the 10th anniversary of FORMULA 1 in Silverstone

The 2020 Grand Prix marks the 10th anniversary of Daniel Ricciard’s career in Formula 1, as the Australian drove his first race of the royal motorsport class in 2011 in Silverstone.

Photo: Vid Voršič

If we go back to July 10 leta 2011, could be seen on the starting line Daniel Ricciard on his first race Formula 1. The Australian is in the race for British GP then sitting in the team car HRT, although he was a member at the time Red Bull program of young racers.

He finished the race on 19. place, with three rounds behind the winner Fernando Alonso. Ten years later and after seven wins, he did Ricciardo v Silverstone returned to his 10th anniversary of his career in Formula 1. "My Formula 1 debut was here in Silverstone. I’ve lived 20 minutes away from the racetrack I’ve been coming to since 2006, so it’s very homey for me,”Is Australian said before the racing weekend. “Time passes quickly, but even today I look at photos from the first race where I look young, a bit lost. Since then, I’ve changed a lot for the better, at least in terms of looks,”He adds with a smile Ricciardo.

Daniel Ricciardo is celebrating the 10th anniversary of his Formula 1 career here in Silverstone. In 2011, he sat in the starting lineup in the HRT team car, today a race for Renault.

In addition to seven wins Ricciardo achieved more 29 steps, but since he left Red Bull at the end of 2018, the Australian is still hunting his own 30. steps. He revealed that he will Renault v Silverstone had some improvements and hopes to help him rank better. According to him, it is a race car RS20 good and able to score points in races, the problem is qualifications. “If we can qualify better, deeper in Q3, then I think we could score a lot of points in the race. It’s also the focus of my attention to drive an excellent lap in Q3 and have fun in the race on Sunday."

Some portraits of Daniel Ricciard from our external collaborator, the excellent photographer Vid Voršič:

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