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George RUSSELL: 5 PLACES PENALTY for disregarding double yellow flags

The young Briton is in great shape this season, as he managed to break through to Q2 for the third time, but he will still have to start from the back row in the home race, alongside his teammate colleague, as he was penalized after qualifying.

After taking enough time for 15. place, which also meant appearing in Q2, told his team members that his circle should be valid as it is stepped off the gas, who saw the yellow flags, which in his opinion is also visible in telemetry.

The Commissioners announced that they would investigate the matter and talk to both Russllom as well as members Williams teams and reviewed video and audio recordings and checked telemetry. After reviewing the material and talking to the actors involved in the incident, the Commissioners found that Russell did not break the fast lap, which he would in the case double yellow flags morale, so he faces a penalty of five places backwards on the starting ladder.

They are in their report Commissioners wrote: “Russell explained to us that with peripheral vision, he detected a double yellow flag in bend no. 7, but thought it was a single yellow flag. The gas dropped a little earlier than the lap before. Nevertheless, his speed was not significantly lower, although he explained to us that he had complete control over the vehicle and could take immediate action in case of problems. "

After the examination audio recording conversation with the team, the commissioners found that he had been informed by the team that a double yellow flag was in use on that part of the track, but they had not advised him to break with the fast lap. Russell he will start from the 20th starting position tomorrow, and he has also been entered in the license three penalty points.

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Posted by: Marko Hanželič

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