ROSS BRAWN: FORMULA 1 is completely open to the Russian team

Ross Brawn, the sports chief, said Formula 1 is completely open to welcoming the new Russian team to the royal motorsport class.

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Rumors of Russian interest in entering Formula 1 have been circulating for some time, especially since last September when he was trade minister Denis Manturov said the Russian team is not far removed from reality.

He is the founder at about the same time SMP bank Boris Rotenbergwhich supports Sergei Sirotkinsaid: “Do we want to form a Formula 1 team? I think the more teams there will be, the more chances there will be for our racers.Ross Brawn however, he says he would be open to the idea of Russian teams, but only when the coronavirus crisis for Formula 1. "We need a period of stability after this global pandemic, and we also want to ensure that the new rules calm down from 2022 onwards,”So British for the newspaper RT.

Ross Brawn said Formula 1 is completely open to the new Russian team if they want to enter the royal motorsport class.

"We have an excellent field with the existing ten teams and it is not necessary to increase that number. However, the new economic climate in Formula 1, the budget ceiling and a fairer distribution of cash prizes make investing in a Formula 1 team more attractive,He added Brawn. "If there was an interest from the Russian team or any other that we thought were restrained, we would be fully open to exploring opportunities.

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