The web portal is celebrating its 1st ANNIVERSARY

In 365 days since the existence of the web portal, dedicated to Formula 1, Formula E, MotoGP and motoring, the world has changed more than we could have imagined on August 1, 2019, when we were still used to the "old normal" .

Etc big change has also experienced a web portal, which turned from a completely anonymous website into one the most read online media in the field petrol sports and motoring in Slovenia. This can be attributed passions creators to the topics they cover, professional relationship and the quality content they create. That’s why we can say that these 365 days are just the beginning of a much bigger story.

Web page VMax.sand has officially come to life August 1, 2019 three days before the race for last year’s Hungarian Grand Prix. At that time, we did not know how to imagine how the website would be received by the domestic and foreign public. The first big confirmation that we are on the right track, we got right from World Automobile Federation (FIA), which granted us accreditation for GP of Italy, just a good month later and so it is editor Bojan Vrbnjak, reported live from early September last year Monze.

Ob Formula 1, MotoGP in motoring on the website, we also place great emphasis on electric racing series, especially Formula E, which is taken care of by our "electric editor" Zoran Habot. We believe they will Formula E and other electric series will gain in popularity in the coming years, but at the same time they will electric vehicles they are increasingly shaping our everyday lives, so we think it is very important that the Slovenian public is properly informed about them. Especially since we are, so to speak the only one in Slovenia, who are seriously following this part of the racing scene.

The series also has many followers in Slovenia MotoGP, which we have also included in the set of topics to which we pay more attention on the portal A colleague watches over the adventures of Marquez, Rossi and company Borut Megla, otherwise also a privately enthusiastic motorcyclist.

Back then, on August 1, a year ago, we couldn’t have even imagined that we would be at this time this year pandemics of the new coronavirus reported the very beginning of the season, but even in the meantime there was enough news that the website was always well visited. Also because in the set the magazine operates Auto & Style, where we try to bring our readers closer to topics from the field motoring, travel, consumer electronics, fashion and more.

Finally, we would like to introduce you to something else of our thoughts on the first anniversary of its operation web portal

"There is a saying that a person has to change at least two jobs in his working life so that he does not become too monotonous and routine. With gratitude, we leave our previous job and embark on a new path. I did this myself because I wanted to add my own note to reporting on motorsport, especially Formula 1, a new, more modern approach. With an emphasis on social networks, which are the main source of information, a platform where people today are first and foremost acquainted with current news. What my colleagues Marko Hanželič, Zoran Habot and Borut Megla managed to achieve in one year is still unimaginable for me. I can say that I am grateful to all our readers and to each one in particular for accepting us in such numbers, which is growing day by day. Obviously we do good, quality, up-to-date and diverse. And the editorial atmosphere among colleagues is exemplary, professional, and responsible, which is the foundation for what you read every day. From the beginning until today, the first anniversary, the portal has been upgraded in the diversity of racing sports, as today we cover electric racing series, MotoGP, as well as summaries of Formula 2 and Formula 3, during the so-called lockdown, we also thoroughly reported on virtual racing. . Avto & Style magazine is definitely a candy of our portal, which has a heart in Formula 1. And the travel contributions are also well received, as we try to bring readers closer to the countries and places and cities where Formula 1 races are or where we were. Let me add at the end: I am very proud of this project, proud of my colleagues and proud of all our readers. As has been said, one year is not much, there are many more years ahead of us and I am confident that our future will be successful and fruitful,”He says editor-in-chief of the portal, Bojan Vrbnjak.

“It’s hard to start from scratch if you don’t have anyone to stand by your side. But if a team like ours is found Bojan Vrbnjak, Marko Hanželič, Borut Megla and my little one, who understands each other, is all the easier. Then the ideas can be realized and show some effect. It really doesn’t all happen overnight, but over time, the quality shows. Ours and yours growing day by day. The collaborators who create the site are looking for points of interest, news, news from motorsports, motoring and other areas that we think might interest you. We are happy that you read and like us every day, as this shows that we are on the right track and that we are doing well. Our plans for the future are realistic and follow trends. We want to get even closer to you, readers, fans, fans. That is why we will do our best and upgrade ours and, of course, yours, « he says editor of the electric part of motorsport on the portal, Zoran Habot.

“We have long hardened ourselves in other media and we are grateful for the experience we have gained there. But everything has its lifespan and one day we said to ourselves - it’s time for a change, and we left. After the first year of operation, we are convinced that the decision was the right one. Not only have we improved as journalists and also grown as personalities, but with our approach and work we have enriched our Slovenian media landscape with a medium that is one of the best in the country in terms of quality and timeliness, so there is no need to fear for its future. , « he says technical editor of the portal, Marko Hanželič.

Our plans for the future are realistic and follow trends. We want to get even closer to you, readers, fans, fans of motorsports. Therefore, we will confirm and upgrade ours and, of course, especially yours

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