Competitors ticked off the theme of FERRARI engine 2019

In the coronavirus crisis and its aftermath, Formula 1 had bigger problems than the scandal surrounding the Ferrari engine and the secret deal with the FIA. Toto Wolff, head of the Mercedes team, now says this topic is ticked off.

Time and time again, there has been talk of it being Ferrari in season 2019 at his powerful engine worked at least in gray zone allowed in the form of a smart system by which they circumvented the rule fuel flow and increase the capacity of its unit in the short term. Team boss Binotto has been tirelessly claiming for months that the engine was in in accordance with the policy, notwithstanding the fact that FIA performed several investigations.

Just before the end of winter testing in Barcelona but it exploded, for FIA reported in a short letter that s Ferrari concluded a secret agreement and that the details are confidential. Competitors they went to the trenches and seven teams expressed theirs in a joint statement shock and surprise and requested from the umbrella organization explanations. If they don’t get them, they will achieve this through legal means. Toto Wolff he was talking about big hogwash at the time, Helmut Marko however, he described the conduct as a scandal FIA. But during the coronavirus crisis she had formula 1 bigger problems than that Ferrari engine. Andreas Seidl he said it was Ferrari during this time he missed the opportunity to do himself only a favor during this time with greater transparency.

Mattia Binotto, the head of the Ferrari team, emphasized for several months that their engine complied with the rules, but then it exploded in Barcelona this year - Photo: HB Press

We now have three races and form behind us Ferrari is known. Track measurements Red Bull Ring have shown that he has Ferrari greatest problems in sections where required raw engine power. And on Hungary je Binotto for the first time he publicly admitted that they had to because of pressure FIA make changes to the engine. Ferrari can no longer move in the gray zones of the policy. But the engine is only one side of the coin for poor form Scuderie. Also in the field aerodynamics they did not prove to be specific.

Toto Wolff, head of the Mercedes team, said that the case of the Ferrari engine is history and because of that, competitors no longer follow this.

Advantage Ferrari, in terms of engine, is history and with that is obviously history as well objection of competitors. He has now confirmed this as well Toto Wolff, team boss Mercedes, who was the initiator of this movement of the seven props. “We don't follow that anymore,”Is Austrian told about the disputed agreement between FIA and Ferrari. "This problem lies in the past. I think the FIA ​​has done a good job with strict regulations as it no longer offers any holes or gray zones.

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