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UK GP, FP3: Mercedes finally reveals tickets, BOTTAS ahead of HAMILTON

Valtteri Bottas set the fastest time of the third free practice before the British Grand Prix, followed by his teammate Lewis Hamilton.

The third free practice finally served with the right simulation of qualifying rounds, and the fact that they were also added their own temperatures significantly lower than yesterday, which also meant less tire wear and the possibility for racers to get closer to the limits.

Valtteri Bottas he set his fastest time of 1: 25,873 minutes in the last quarter of training, bringing him quite close to the time he had enough for last year’s best starting position (1: 25,093 minutes). Hamilton led for a while, but in the end fell behind his teammate (+0.138 seconds).

In third place, with three tenths of a lag, we find Max Verstappna (Red Bull) while his teammate Alex Albon spent most of his training in the pits due to electrical problems. In the end, he landed in 13th place. Both racers Racing Point they held on to the background for a long time until Lance stroll led to 4th place, his teammate Hülkenberg he finished training as ninth.

He also proves his very good form in the third training session Carlos Sainz in fifth place, his teammate Lando Norris he finished seventh. He is already facing technical difficulties Sebastian Vettel, who finished his third free practice only in 14th place, while Charles Leclerc finished sixth.

Lower temperatures atmospheres are also accompanied by threatening clouds, so too rain in Silverstone is not excluded. We’ll see how they unfold qualifications for the UK Grand Prix.

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Posted by: Marko Hanželič

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