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UK GP: Statements of the fastest in QUALIFICATIONS

Back in Q2, it seemed that Lewis Hamilton did not have his day today, and that this time his teammate will be able to beat him, but in the end the Briton re-established his qualifying dominance and will start from the first starting position tomorrow in his 91st career.

He was followed by the two already mentioned Finn, which was three tenths of a second behind, and Max Verstappen, which reiterates that Mercedes they are not competitive.

1st place: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes): Mental reset after spinning in Q2

"For me, in fact, these qualifications really weren't too nice," he said Hamilton. “I made some changes before I went to the qualifiers, which initially turned out to be worse… I had trouble balancing the car and struggled. I managed to qualify for Q2 and then spun on the track again after a long time. A good time in the qualifiers is mainly due to how confident you are and after Q2 I still managed to recover, mentally reset and in the end I am very satisfied with the result, which gives me a good starting point for tomorrow's race. "

2nd place: Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes): The hope of victory remains

"I had good qualifications, until Q3, when the car started to get stuck in the back," he said Bottas: “Lewis has handled this better than I have and deserves a pole position. He won second place last year, so I hope that I will also have a chance to win tomorrow. "

3rd place: Max Verstappen (Red Bull): Mercedes are far ahead of everyone

"Of course the difference is quite large, but it's also not a real surprise," he said Verstappen. “We know they’re dominating this year. But overall, I think the qualifications were fine in themselves, as higher than third place at the moment I realistically can’t do that. In the last round, I might be able to squeeze out another tenth, but not much more. The difference to Mercedes is really big, but I am aware that we are just where we are. It is definitely better to start third than, for example, seventh. "

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