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UK GP, qualifiers: MERCEDESA dismantled the competition by a second

Mercedes once again showed their superiority in the qualifiers in Silverstone and beat the entire competition by a full second. Lewis Hamilton with 91st pole position, Nico Hülkenberg with 13th starting position.

Sta v Silverstone qualifiers Mercedesa showed its most dominant performance so far? Lewis Hamilton si is at home match v Silverston secured the first starting position, despite spinning in Q2 and taking care of the red flag and the suspension of qualifying. The Briton was 0,313 seconds faster than his teammate Valtteria Bottas, which will start next to Hamilton from the front row.

And the competition? She had no chance at all. Max Verstappen (Red Bull) was third with a second behind. Charles Leclerc, which will also start from the second starting line, is a little further behind. Sebastian Vettel he was only tenth after a failed second attempt, although after the first attempt he was virtually settled with a teammate.

He drove the qualifications very well Lando Norris (McLaren), who surprised with fifth place before Lance Stroll (Racing Point). Up to ten, in addition to the already mentioned Vettl, they also lined up Carlos Sainz (McLaren) on the seventh and both Renault, namely Daniel Ricciardo on the eighth ter Esteban Ocon in ninth place.

Nico Hülkenberg is on return to Formula 1 experienced minor disappointment. Alternate driver Racing Point finished in Q2 and landed in 13th place. It was similar Alex Albon, who landed with Red Bull just one position ahead of the German.

Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri) had no luck at the end of Q2. He drove exactly the same time as Lance stroll, but while the Canadian qualified for Q3, the Frenchman remained in eleventh place. His teammate Daniil Kvjat was 14th, but after changing gears the Russian gets five more penalty places. George Russell (Williams) advanced to Q2, but in the end he was the slowest there and finished in 15th place.

V Q1 we did not experience any major surprises: As was almost to be expected, both finished the qualifiers first Haasa (Magnussen 16th, Grosjean 19th), both Alfi Romeo (Giovinazzi 17., Räikkönen 18.) in Williams Nicholas Latifi (20th place). He is Canadian spun in his last attempt, took care of the yellow flag and prevented the improvement of time to anyone else.

So tomorrow from the first starting line both Mercedesa and everything except the sovereign double win of the silver (oops, black) will be a big surprise.

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Posted by: Marko Hanželič

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