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NICO HÜLKENBERG: We have a good race car for the race

Nico Hülkenberg was only 3 thousandths of a second away from qualifying for Q65. Nevertheless, he landed in 13th place, which he described as a solid starting point.

Red flags that appeared due to rotation Lewis Hamilton in Q2, work Nice Hülkenberg they did not disturb. The German who is at Racing Point replaced Sergio Pereza, who tested positive for coronavirus, spun his circles and ended up only behind 65 thousandths for a teammate Lance Stroll and thus participation in Q3.

But this one small lag was decisive because in contrast to the young Canadian, which ranked for hair in Q3, had to be popular Hulk get out of the car earlier. The German later said: "I have a feeling that more could have been achieved and that I didn’t get the most out of the race car.At the same time, he emphasized that the last-minute call-up did not make his job easier. “Given the conditions, it was pretty tough, I don’t know if you can expect to get 100 percent out of the car in these circumstances. But alas, we were not far away. We played with different rubber compounds, which of course made it difficult to find a good rhythm,”He told colleagues from Sky Sports F1.

Nico Hülkenberg narrowly missed out on a place in the last part of the qualifiers, by 65 thousandths of a second, but he is still happy with the 13th starting place, as he has a fast and excellent car for the race.

Za first race upon return he set himself a modest goal. “It's easy to drive well, get the car to the finish line and I hope to win a few more points. Of course, this was a new situation for me and for me here are some things I need to learn from the team, the race car and the engine. In the afternoon, our work was made even more difficult by the wind, because these race cars are very susceptible in this respect. It wasn’t ideal because of that, but I’m relatively satisfied. We have a fast car for the race and a decent starting point, so to speak,”He added for colleagues from German television RTL.

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