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RACING POINT case: The RENAULT protest will be dealt with during the races in SILVERSTONE

Between the two races in Silverstone, the FIA ​​will deal with the Renault case against Racing Point. The latter have no worries about the hearings.

In view of the protest against Racing Point the hearing will take place next week, ie during both races in Silerstone. Because before that it will be easy Renault filed a third protest in a row. They did it for the first time after the race for GP of Styria, and the second after Hungarian. The French are still convinced that Racing Point he didn’t design his race car solely based on photos from last year Mercedes.

Everyone three protests they will connect next week and be questioned before new board, consisting of several Commissioners. The example deals mainly with the brake channels of a race car Racing Point. Both sides of the conflicting parties have gathered evidence in recent weeks and handed it over to FIA officials. Andrew Green, technical chief Racing Point, is convinced that their defense is waterproof. “We think our arguments are very strong. Some of the documents we have been working on in recent weeks have been handed over to the FIA, and we also sent our defense to the Commissioners a few days ago."

Next week, before the second race in Silverstone, a hearing is expected to take place in the case of Renault's appeal against Racing Point.

They have worked the most on this matter in recent weeks team attorneys. Which is why Green confident that the protests will be rejected. “I think the rules are pretty clear. And we also gave our position. We did everything within the rules, which is why I don’t think we are obligated to respond.“Racing Point will benefit from the fact that he is the technical head of the FIA, Nicholas Tombazis race car RP20 already marked as legal before the start of the season. However, a few weeks ago he admitted that before visiting the factory team Racing Point in Silverstone he did not look in detail at these brake channels before the original start of the season in Australia.

Racing Point technical chief Andrew Green is convinced that their defense is waterproof and points out that they did not hide anything from the FIA.

Green to that statement replies that it is FIA received all information on her visit, including on the brake channels. “And they also made a comparison that day: with our brake channels and Mercedes. We also discussed this.“Technical Chief Racing Point further clarify that Tombazis he was not present during the visit to the factory. In his previous statements, he objected to this observation, and so did he FIA technician admitted that it was probably a mistake because he did not look in detail at the brake channels. Green but he thinks about it: “We have nothing to hide. They noticed a similarity with Mercedes, but we then explained to them why this similarity. Namely, because in 2019 we bought additional brake channels.

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