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SEBASTIAN VETTEL: It doesn't get any worse

The German finished tenth in yesterday’s qualifiers, two seconds behind Lewis Hamilton.

Apparently there was a pitch in Silverstone Sebastian Vettl literally glued to his back. Nemec already on Friday, when the first two free practice sessions were scheduled, he had a race car huge problems. First cooling (FP1), then pedaling (FP2) and also on FP3 not everything went according to plan.

So he had to Hag on qualifications to satisfy with tenth place, while his teammate Leclerc won fourth place. “These were certainly not good qualifications for us. The whole racing weekend I struggle to find a good rhythm. And on top of that, we’ll start the race with the wrong mix of tires.“That the problems only reappeared with him saying goodbye to the team, Hag he wants this not to be misinterpreted. When asked if he does not receive equal attention team as his neighbor in the garage, he just waved: “No, everything really went wrong on Friday, but he doesn’t want to attribute evil intentions to anyone. It didn’t go the way I wanted it to."

For Sebastian Vettl, the racing weekend in Silverstone is like a curse, because from the first training he has been struggling with the technical problems of the car, and he will start today's race on the wrong tires.

"But I’m heading to the race confidently as it should be better. I don't know how much better, I can't promise that, but it doesn't get much worse at all,”Adds the German. Yes situation at Ferrari not easy, lying on the palm. “We’ve lost momentum in the last two days. On top of that, the first race of the week did not go according to plan, the second race was practically non-existent. In Hungary we had our first racing weekend which went smoothly and now in Silverstone again torment and trouble. A difficult start, but we have no other choice. I will continue to do my best and the guys will press on the gas. I repeat, I do not believe that someone has evil intentions, we simply have to go through this phase together."

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Posted by: Bojan Vrbnjak

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