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TOTO WOLFF: I don't think we have many friends

The fact that Mercedes was back in their league in the Silverstone qualifiers does not raise their readiness among Formula 1 rivals. The boss of the silver arrows is also aware of this.

Max Verstappen in yesterday’s qualifiers he had nothing to report because of the team’s racer Red Bull is like the rest of the rivals Mercedesa lagged by more than a second behind the time he had achieved Lewis Hamilton, who is also to his teammate Valtteri Bottas took more than three tenths of a second.

And with the racers Mercedesa understandably, their boss was also looking forward to it Toto Wolff, who explained yesterday: "We can be very happy with today’s qualifiers, although we probably didn’t make a lot of friends with that. Our race car works very well, it has been in its own league and the performance is the result of smart work being done in our factories not far off the track. Both Lewis and Valtteri showed decisive performances and were able to get everything out of the car,”Is the boss Wolff praised his racer. At the same time, it is Austrian warned: "We can really be happy with this result, but we know the points are shared in the race. Our competitors will certainly stage a strong fight for us, but we are ready to do our best and transfer that momentum to the race, where I hope to offer a good show to everyone who will cheer for us at home."

Mercedes is even more evident in their league this year, rivals can only stare intently at how easily the silver arrow racer leaves them behind for more than a second.

Chief of Engineers Andrew Shovlin from his point of view, he explained: “Congratulations to the entire team and the racers for these starting places in the front row. Lewis in particular had a great round today. It was not easy for him or Valtteri to achieve such a circle here. The wind has greatly affected the balance of the car and so when you start sliding, the temperatures in the tires rise and you lose traction. Maybe today’s conditions suited us, better than Friday, but we did a better job of handling the tire temperatures at the start of the round. Now we are looking forward to the race, where we do not know what the speed of Red Bull will look like. On Friday, they seemed to be very close to our racing speed and are usually better in the race. That is why we are preparing to fight them.

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Posted by: Bojan Vrbnjak

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