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VETTEL after the race: there are problems in the car!

SEBASTIAN VETTEL hinted that there was probably a serious problem with the race cars, as there was too much difference between him and LECLERC

Racer Ferrari he started the race from the 10th starting place and finished there after the problems of other racers at the end of the race. He didn't have the right speed at all during the race, so he didn't threaten anyone, and in the meantime he could be overtaken.

Nemec said: "One of the worst weekends is behind me. With mine SF1000 there must be something wrong. The car was a challenging ride. I found it hard to motivate. Now we need to concentrate on new races. It’s definitely not good if I fight the whole race and stay where I started. "

He then added: "Physically, the race was not strenuous. The racers around me were just faster. I just didn’t have the speed myself. Now we need to look at what we can do for next weekend here and show ourselves in a better light. "

Hag he doesn't believe his car settings were to blame as they had z Monaco similar settings. As he added, he lost too much time on the lap and so it will be necessary to look at why this happened.

Sebastian Vettel is in total only with 10. points only on 12. place . Charles Leclerc has kar 23 points more and is on 5. place. Scuderia Ferrari is among the constructors on 4. place with 43 points. It's just a point behind them Racing Point. For Mercedes after four races lag behind snow 103 points.

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Posted by: Zoran Habot

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