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UK GP: Boredom with drama in last two rounds won by LEWIS HAMILTON

The race, which, with the exception of a few incidents leading to the safety car, was a living boredom, got a really dramatic outcome in the last two laps, which ended very well for race winner Lewis Hamilton with great luck.

Lewis Hamilton is a home race for British GP on the trail v Silverstone got in a dramatic way. Racer Mercedesa led the entire dick sovereignly and controlled the only competitor in the race, a teammate Bottasa. But two laps before the end began drama.

First the left front tire breathed a sigh of relief at Bottasu, and in the last round Hamilton. And while it is Finn fell out of the points, is Hamilton - also thanks to the great advantage and the extra stop Verstappna, who was second - managed to win. He suddenly got third place Charles Leclerc.

A great fourth was in the end Daniel Ricciardoand took fifth place Lando Norris. Very good car shape Renault confirmed in Silverstone with sixth place Esteban Ocon. Surprisingly, he was seventh Piere Gasly, the eighth Alex Albon, who is on the team Red Bull apparently under increasing pressure. He was ninth Lance stroll, certainly a slight disappointment when I think about how competitive the car is Racing Point. He happily secured the last point Sebastian Vettel, who spent the whole racing weekend struggling with the technical problems of the car.

Nico Hülkenberg certainly had a different idea of ​​returning to Formula 1.

DIRKA it got on the “excitement” even before it started because the engineers are on the race car Nice Hülkenberg they found a fault in the hydraulics which made it necessary to disassemble the car and try to rectify the fault. They hoped it could be Nemec he started the race from the pits, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Max Verstappen took second place today, just one lap more and could look forward to winning.

He started the race better Bottas, but Hamilton managed to keep the advantage in the first turn and from here on he was just cruising the trail. Verstappen he lost third place in the first turn, but regained it in the second turn. They were the winners of the introductory part of the first round Sainz in Ricciardo, who passed each other Norrisa in Strolla broke through to fifth and sixth place. Everyone else retained their places achieved in the qualifiers.

As in Austria, Leclerc landed happily on the podium here as well.

The first major noteworthy incident it happened already in the first round when they collided Alex Albon in Kevin Magnussen. Racer Red Bull collided with his front left wheel into the racer’s right rear wheel Haasa, who flew off the track and resigned. Commissioners they blamed the blame - unlike the veleum commentators on the Slovenian channel, who saw Albon just before Magnussen - Thai and imposed on him a penalty of a surcharge of 5 seconds.

He drove onto the track after the collision safety car, who turned into the pits after six rounds. Flying start it went smoothly, all the racers kept their seats. Both Mercedesa however, they quickly and significantly moved away from Verstappna, who, however, drove a second faster than the fourth Leclerc. After Monaco, there is a group of midfielders.

An accident blamed on Albon, which led the commissioners to impose a mark-up of 5 seconds on him.

Mayländer he didn't quite breathe, he already had to get back on track. For v 12th round is at high speed at the point of entry into Maggotts flew off the track Daniil Kvjat, to whom he suddenly took his ass. The collision into the protective fence was violent, but luckily it was Rus carried away without major consequences. At the time of arrival of the safety car, all racers are an exception Grosjeana wrapped in boxes to change wheels. In front, the order remained unchanged.

Withdrawal Kvjat's race car from the site of the collision and the wreckage he had scattered, the kara took some time, so that the race was resumed only in 18th round. Again the flying start went smoothly and Mercedesa they again moved quickly and concretely away from the rest of the world Formula 1. Well they took care of some action in the middle of the field. Grosjean he defended himself so fervently against Sainzem, that after the Spaniard complained on the radio, the commissioners showed him black and white flag. The Frenchman did not last long, first overtaking him Sainz, then Norris in Ricciardo.

In the 12th lap, there was a violent collision between Daniil Kvyat, the racer of the AlphaTauri team.

She was far behind Hag fought for the last place, which still brings a point, but he had to concede victory first Ocona, and later Gaslya. In the foreground, however, was a living boredom. Hamilton he supervised Bottasa, is behind them Verstappen vehicles lonely in third place. In between Dutchman by radio joked and reminded his engineers to drink enough fluids. Leclerc in fourth place, however, he had a bit more work to do, as he constantly watched in the rearview mirror how close the two racing cars were to him. McLarna.

If, as has been said, it was a race, with the exception of incidents, which led to the arrival of the safety car, boring, but got three laps before the end on drama. For the left front tire of a Bottas race car has let go of its soul, Finn he drove slowly to the pits and returned to the track as the twelfth. Red Bull reacted and Max called to the pits to install a soft mixture of tires for the fastest lap of the race. But when in the last lap the left front tire also dropped at Lewis Hamilton, was Verstappen too far to the side to benefit from it.

Lewis Hamilton drove to the finish line with such a damaged left front tire.

Hamilton he lost almost half a minute as he had to drive to the finish line on three wheels. Despite reaching the fastest lap in the last lap, he was Verstappen after an additional stop for six seconds too short. In addition Mercedesa is a syndrome front left tires also experienced Carlos Sainz, racer McLarna, who lost an excellent fifth place and finished the race in 13th place.

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