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UK GP: Statements of the best three races

In Silverstone, the race for the British Grand Prix, won by Lewis Hamilton ahead of Max Verstappn and Charles Leclerc, ended in a dramatic way.

If the end was really dramatic, but we cannot claim this for the rest of the race. With rare exceptions, one collision and an accident for which he had to twice on the track to bring safety car, are racers Mercedesa arbitrarily controlled the entire race.

Unfortunately, it’s because of this drama Bottas left without points and so she floated on the water most likely planned double win black arrows Mercedesa. To someone in sorrow, to another in joy, I might say, for example, a third Leclerc.

Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes, race winner"I have never experienced such a last round. I thought my heart was going to stop. Until the last round, everything went well. OK, the tires were a bit worn, but in a race like this, it’s something normal. Valtteri pressed on me for a long time, which probably put too much strain on his tires. In any case, I heard a notice that he had a tire problem. I looked at my own and was confident that I would have no trouble getting to the finish line. As Max turned to stop, I slowed my pace. But soon after, I was stunned to see that my left tire was also giving way. I didn’t know what I could do with this tire, how fast I could drive, and what about braking. The tire started to fall apart and thankfully did not damage the front wing. I knew Verstappen would be fast. I didn’t want to drive slow, I did my best to save the win. I also didn’t want to drive too fast to make it worse. My engineer Bono counted down the seconds of how many more advantages I had over Max. When he mentioned seven seconds, I saw the finish line and there was relief."

Max Verstappen - Red Bull Racing, others"I see myself in a happy and unhappy situation. The Mercedes were simply too fast in the race. My tires were already in poor condition, so I told the boys in the pits that the tires were not looking good. We had enough advantage over Leclerc, so we talked about an extra stop and to win another point for the fastest lap of the race. Then there was a tire damage at Bottas and I immediately turned to stop. Because we had to reckon that something similar could happen to us. Then Hamilton had problems with the tire and of course it is now easy to say that if he stayed outside he could win. But no one can guess that. In any case, I am satisfied, because we unexpectedly came to the second place, which I got because of the Bottas pitch."

Charles Leclerc - Ferrari, third"It was a tough race. I heard Bottas was in trouble and I slowed down a bit because of it. Then I saw a Sainza race car that also had tire problems, and then the guys on the radio told me that Hamilton was also having problems. Today it was luck, pure luck that we didn’t have a tire problem, luck that we received a podium finish. Overall, I’m happy with our work running the racing weekend. They were in a safe fourth place in the race. Of course, I would have preferred to fight for the victory, but unfortunately this is our current potential. From Hungary onwards, we are faster on the plains, but the maneuverability through turns is more difficult. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with my work.

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Posted by: Bojan Vrbnjak

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