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VENICE has become a ghost town

The Italian tourist pearl, where tourists usually flock, has become a ghost town in less than three weeks.

After being Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte v Lombardy and fourteen other regions of northern Italy restricted movement to contain it epidemic of a new coronavirus disease, the hustle and bustle along the canals and on the always besieged streets has dried up Venice.

Due to the absence of traffic, the water in the canals is significantly clearer than before quarantine.

As much as such a decision can, of course, have disastrous consequences for many businesses in the city, quarantine has also had positive effects, as reported by FB group Venezia Pulita (pure Venice). Within a few days, the water in the canals became essential clearer, is also observed by many flock of fish, which previously could not be seen in the canals and even during the city hustle and bustle delfine. One of the inhabitants of Venice wrote about it. "Nature takes back what was once hers."

Employees in the tourism sector are, of course, desperate about the current situation.

"The water is much clearer, mainly because there is significantly less traffic in the canals now and the sand and other sediments no longer rise from the seabed to such an extent," he said head of the city service for public relations and added: "Whether the quality of the water has improved as a result, we don't know yet, but the air is definitely much cleaner now."

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