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Luxury vacation on the planet TATOOINE

The brand new resort in the Tunisian desert invites fans of the Star Wars franchise.

Even very distant galaxies are now quite close. Immediately after the travel ban due to coronavirus, it will be possible to travel to Tatooine, home planet Luke Skywalker, who started his heroic adventure right here. In fact, Tatooine v Tunisia, as the film crew is led by George Lucas filmed in the vicinity of a desert town Tozeur.

View from the hotel on the vast Sahara. - Photo: Anantara Hotels

He's been here recently hotel chain Anantara opened a hotel with 93 rooms, suites and villas, which re-establishes the perception of luxury in this part of the world and beyond. It all excels noble Arabic design, and a view through the windows, which reveals the width of the largest desert in the world, adds its own.

Several restaurants cater to the pampering of the palates.

It is possible to relax in your own wellness corner with hammam, and several restaurants take care of pampering the palate. Regardless of all the prestige, the highlight of the offer are organized trips along the paths Star Wars cameramen. The two-day takes you to a rock formation Ong Jemel (Camel Back), where, among other things Darth Maul in Episode I reached the planet Tatooine or to the gorge along which the sand races took place. It is also a special attraction Chott el Djetid, the largest salt lake in Africa, where you can also visit an igloo-like home Luka in Anakin Skywalker.

Galactic Tunisia

Who would you be a planet Tatooine and other places where they filmed Star Wars, like to watch up close, you can on Djerbi and in southern Tunisia he also visits a cave hotel Sidi Dris v Do the math, where they filmed the interior of Skywalker’s house or settlement Medenine, Haddad in Ouled Soltan, who represented slave quarters in the film.

Hotel Sidi Dris in film and in reality.

V Ajimu in Djerba you can also see the backdrop for the canteen in Mos Eisley, where Luke first met Han Solo, as an interesting fact, it should be noted that Obi-Wan Kenobi the home is not really located in the mountains but right by the sea. Moreover, the name of the planet is also of Tunisian origin - George Lucas named the planet Tatooine after a Tunisian city Tataouine.

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