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6 THINGS you can do nearby RED BULL RING

This year's double program of Formula 1 with our northern neighbors will pass without the possibility of watching the race on the racetrack

This, of course, is no reason not to ever visit the sights the valley of the Moore Rivere (Murtal) in Austrian Styria. Holiday region Murau-Murtal namely, it offers a varied and slightly different holiday in the heart of nature. We present you some interesting options that when visiting the racetrack Red Bull Ring, offers this region.

Oberwölz Adrenaline Park

Feel like Styrian Tarzan - along the steel cable across the valley of the stream Wölzerbach. The extensive adrenaline park has a lot 10 different routes for walking at height. Children up to 14 years of age are allowed to climb only if accompanied by an adult, the minimum height of the child is 120 cm.  

Ascent to Grebenzen 1.892m

The Grebenzen with its alpine pastures lies between Neumarkt and St. Lambrecht. This limestone mountain depicts typical karst phenomena such as sinkholes, caves and large abysses. One of these sinkholes is Wilde Loch near the third plateau of the Grebenzenhöhe.

By chairlift to Kornock

Take the chairlift for six people to 2200 meters, where you can enjoy the fresh air and unspoiled nature. Besides, it's a mountain Kornock a good starting point for hikes in karst alpine biosphere park (German Nockberge) - up Rinsenock you arrive in just 20 minutes. So you can experience the charm first hand Karst Alps.

Visit to the Puch Museum in Judenburg

Puch Museum, which lies in the middle of the historic town center Judenburg, represents the great heritage of our compatriot Janez Puha, with which he set milestones in vehicle development. Legendary bikes, motorcycles and cars evoke memories of the world famous brand Puch, which significantly contributed to the motorization of the Austrian population.

They are more than 100 years old vehicles Puch achieve unique results in the field of vehicle construction. Name Puch has always meant the latest technology, experience and innovative solutions. Despite the fact that the Puch brand no longer exists today, it lives on in the ideas of many modern car and motorcycle brands.

Visit to the VW Käfermuseum in Gaal

A museum dedicated to the legendary Volkswagen Beetle v Gaal it represents the whole diversity of this cult vehicle - with wonderful exhibits from the very beginnings all the way to the rebirth of the legend.

The collection, purchase and restoration took place with a lot of effort, perseverance and precision - all with the aim of uniqueness, which radiates legendary car, would not fade. Currently, you can see about 25 exhibits, among which there are also some that are unique worldwide.

Visit to the Oberzeiring tourist mine

Around mining c Zeiring a lot of stories are woven. It's supposed to be the largest mine in the Eastern Alpine space. They say the miners were rich, and since they let their imagination run wild, the place is said to have been cursed.

One thing is for sure - the mine is full of extensive tunnels that tell a fascinating story. The story of miners digging ore in smoke and with almost no light. The story of the forged zeiring pfennigs, which were for ordinary man "ordinary money".

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