MotoE: AEGERTER's first win in this class!

The Swiss, who switched from Moto2 to MotoE, showed his speed on the first run. IntactGP thus secured its first victory in its second MotoE race. Second was Jordi Torres and third was Mattia Casadei

A short race, which lasts only six laps due to the battery capacity, requires the racer to attack immediately without tactics. Any mistake can be fatal, as it simply runs out of time to catch opponents.

He started the race best Alexander Medina, who told and led to the second round when he was the later winner agitated overtook and continued at his own pace to victory. Medina he then tried to catch Swiss, but made a mistake and fell.

Two laps before the end, he is last year's champion in the 6th corner Ferrari tried to overtake Casadeia, but made a mistake when braking and pulled the winner of the first race after falling Erica Granada, who therefore finished the race in 13th place. Third place thus went Mattia.

They were fourth and fifth Alex de Angelis in Niccolò Canepa. He crossed the finish line behind them Lukas Tulović in sixth place.

It's after the victory agitated said: »We worked hard as I switched from a completely different class and a different way of racing. Today I have improved my style and way of driving and the result is my first win. That was not the case last night. I was nervous, but I calmed down before the race and simply drove to the best of my ability. After the fight at the beginning, you took some advantage yourself and then continued at your own pace. I am very happy for myself and for the team.«

Order after the second race of the season in the class MotoE. Source: MotoGP @ twitter

Winner of the second race agitated it also leads in the overall standings with 41 points. Follow him Torres, which has 30 points. The third is the winner of the first race Granado, who has 28 points after two races.

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