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BY ROADSTERS to Lake Garda

Members of the SloRoadster roadster association went on an interesting trip to our neighborhood a few days ago, which they also interestingly documented in a video.

On the way to the land of our western neighbors, they found that their driving culture it still remains at the same level as before, and they also stopped at a church with a meaningful name for today, Madonna of the Crown. We publish their contribution below…

On Saturday morning, when we looked out the window, the fog was waiting for us, but it dissipated when the roadsters started collecting at the starting parking lot. Like they bring the sun? The road took us through quickly western border, where we drove off the highway after a few kilometers.

First, of course, we refreshed ourselves on pizza at the restaurant Agli Angeli - Pizzeria Ristorantino. An hour before the stop, we called them and told them they could expect twenty hungry mouths. That would be a considerable logistical bite for any restaurant. They were not bothered by this, so the food, despite the relatively full restaurant, quickly paralyzed our tables. If the road ever takes you there, we warmly recommend a visit to the above mentioned restaurant!

We continued the roadtrip along the already known road in the town Trento climbs the mountain Monte Bondone. It takes place there mountain-speed race Trento-Bondone. Of course, we were not disappointed. The view above offers fantastic experiences and the temperatures were pleasantly cold after a full day of driving. We hurried a bit to our evening stop in the place Nago Torbole and dropped things off at the hotel where we parked the whole parking lot again as the caravan counted as many as 10 roadsters.

Some went for a walk, others threw themselves into lake, which has a pleasant water temperature for now. Towards evening we stayed at the hotel bar, which offered lively socializing over beer and shisha. Well, the braver ones also smeared some banana-split? In the morning before breakfast we took a couple of shots on the beach and then went to reinforce our bellies as there was a good part of the way ahead of us.

The first tour was over Malcesine where we drank coffee and sweetened up with ice cream. Then narrow romantic roads led us over the hill to the next stop. That was it Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Crown, a church carved into the mountain cliff. We were especially surprised by the name, so we also prayed that the season would continue successfully.

A trip to the "shelter" is a nice exercise for the body, as there are countless stairs to get there - down. Ma also needs to get back  Due to siesta, we had a late lunch right on the highway and their famous Rest outposts. Ah, even Apollo chicken steaks are fine when you get hungry.

V Slovenia a wet road was waiting for us and everything indicated that you had bad weather? We sympathize a little with everyone who stayed at home. We are not sorry, however, as this was one of them better trips with the best company in the world!

In principle, the last words would be devoted to the upcoming trip, but there will be time for that in the future. This time we can say just thank you allwho help to co-create this success story further and make sure that we are not bored in your company on trips! Have a nice evening.

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