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MotoE GP Emilia Romagna, 1st race: AEGERTER won a thriller for their lap

Leading the overall standings Dominque Aegerter increased his lead in the overall standings by winning the first race

The dramatic race took place from start to finish. The first three crossed the finish line in a tenth of a second. Swiss agitated he had the most knowledge or luck and crossed the finish line first. Current world champion Matteo Ferrari, who finished the race in second place, was fined one place for driving too wide in the 16th corner. So he advanced to the second step Jordi Torres.

Ferrari he started the race best and took the lead. In the second lap, the third Aegerter, caught another Torres and also overtook him. The first major drama took place in the third round. Eric Granado is in a desire to overtake Mattio Casadeia in the fourth bend due to the too wide line »tidied himself up and Xavier Simeon.

The accident caused a big difference between the first three, which were within half a second, and the fourth, and Casadei. Casadei he failed to get close to the end and fight for the podium. Ferrari, Torres in Aegeter they fought right to the finish line. In an attempt to Aegerter defeated Ferrari in the last lap in the 16th corner crossed the allowed line and wasted the chances to win and due to the penalty, the place of the mark-up, also scored even more points in the fight to retain the title.

He was the biggest osmoljenec Lukas Tulovic, who broke a bone in his right arm when he fell and suffered a blow to his ankle.

Winner of the first Grand Prix race Emilie Romagne: Dominique Aegerter

The fifth crossed the finish line Tommaso Marcon. They followed him to tenth place Niccolò Canepa, Alejandro Medina, Josh Hook, Xavi Cardelus in Alessandro Zaccone. Fantastic race MotoE was a great introduction to Sunday’s race.

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