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MONSCHAU: The historical pearl of the EIFEL region

When it was announced at Formula 1 that this year's race at the Nürburgring would be named GP der Eifel, or after our Eiffel GP, many wondered where this region actually is.

Eifel is the midlands of western Germany and eastern Belgium. It covers the southwestern part North Rhine-Westphalia, northwest Rhineland-Palatinate and the southern part of the German-speaking community in Belgium. In the west it leans on Ardene v Belgium in Luxembourg. To the south and east the Eifel borders the Rhine and Moele valleys. The highest peak of the highlands Eifel is 747 meters high. In modern Eiffel mines, slate is mined, which is used primarily as a roofing material in construction.

Some time ago, the path accidentally took me to a small town Monschau on the German-Belgian border, which is one of those pearls about which little is written, but it is definitely worth a visit. The picturesque town lies in a narrow rocky valley of the river Ruhr, on the edge of a plateau that the Germans call Hohes Venn, Walloons on the other side of the border Hautes Fagnes.

The city center has hardly changed in the last two hundred years. Characteristic are wooden houses, often covered with slate, which was mined right in Monschau. The river Rur it winds along a narrow rocky valley, into which a stream flows in the center of the town Laufenbach.

Historically old the city center of Monschau with about three hundred protected buildings, which invites you to walk, shop and wander the narrow streets. In the winding streets behind the medieval facades, there are many small galleries and boutiques that are open all year round.

In addition many museums It is also worth visiting the city gallery in the Au monastery and the art and cultural center - Kuk, which always serves with interesting exhibitions. In the midst of this artistic creativity, you can too the smallest German city theater offer something for every taste.

Elegant restaurants, charming cafés and fun pubs attract with local specialties and international dishes. Those who want to experience rustic rural life up close, you can go to one of the farm tourism in the surrounding hill villages, and excellent care is also provided for anyone who would like to to ride a bike around.

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