MotoE, French GP Race 1: TORRES consolidates lead with victory!

Ferrari, Aegerter and Casadei fell and wasted important points in the fight for the title before the last race. Torres has a comfortable 18-point advantage over first-seeded Ferrari

Although the races are very short, we can say that they are very tense and dramatic because of that. Shortly after the start of the penultimate race, it is due to a fall Casadei in the third turn, the race was interrupted. Fortunately, she is Casadei carried away only with a destroyed motorcycle and the loss of all chances in the fight for the title of champion.

Torres has to finish the last race in 8th place or higher and will become the new champion MotoE. Source: MotoE @ motogp

After a short break, in which security guards removed the remains of the engine and repaired the fence, a super sprint race followed, which was only 5 laps long. But the second start did not pass without drama. Simeon he fell in the 3rd turn and pulled with him Aegerter in Canepa. agitated he was thus the second racer to lose important points in the fight for the title. But moments later he is leading the race Ferrari took off the rear and that meant it was Torres lost another fierce opponent in the fight for the title.

Even after the second start it was very dramatic. Ferrari in agitated they lost important points in the fight for the title. Source: MotoE @ motogp

That was the moment you did Torres created a second advantage over Tuuli in Di Meglio. Torres he then finished the race in first place with prudent driving. Tuuli in Di Meglio regroup behind them they were right behind him, but still not enough to jeopardize his victory. Di Meglio managed to overtake Tuulia and secure your first podium this year. The same goes for Tuuli, who tasted the winning podium after more than a year.

Josh Hook took advantage of the favorites ’falls and finished the race in fourth place. They followed him to tenth place Tommaso Marcon, Eric Granado, Maria Herrera, Alejandro Medina, Alessandro Zaccone in Lukas Tulovic.

The order of the race will determine the starting line at the last race he will have Torres thick 18 points advantage over Ferrari and 20 points advantage over Aegerter. All three are still the only ones fighting for the title. Torres in the last race he needs at least 8th place to Ferrari we call it the crown of the world title.

Starting order of the last race MotoE this season.

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