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BESTSECRET: Exclusive fashion community with more than 3.000 brands and EXCEPTIONAL DISCOUNTS

BestSecret, the best-kept secret of the fashion industry, an exclusive fashion community that brings exceptional discounts and the most prestigious fashion brands, now also in Slovenia.

Summer is just around the corner, which can also mean it’s time for yours fashion makeover. That’s why we want to introduce you to some of this year’s new fashion trends, and we have one for you as well great news. We present to you exclusive fashion community BestSecret, which allows you to choose from more than 3.000 fashion brands in discounts up to 80 percent, is now also present in Slovenia. provides the widest range of clothing, fashion accessories and shoes for every style and every taste. A case of a carefully guarded secret of the fashion industry, the most exclusive fashion community in Europe, which allows you to buy products from prestigious fashion brands such as Dior, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Calvin Klein and others at the lowest prices, all the way up to 80% cheaper from regular prices in clothing stores. is an exclusive fashion community, which means you can't get into it just like that. It's normal invitation required for enrollment someone who is already a member, but because the number of places in the community is limited, it is difficult to get an invitation. Once you become a member, you can enjoy fantastic discounts, exceptional prices and almost unlimited choice products, all easily done with a few clicks. An almost endless choice awaits you fashion clothes, fashion accessories, shoes and even home decoration products that will impress not only you but your entire family and friends. You will shine at every opportunity, whether it is for festive or business events, carefree socializing with friends or playing sports.

Member of the BestSecret community you can become with the help of this exclusive invitation. After registration, you can make your first purchase and the order is already at your home in a few days. If you do not like or do not like any of the products, you can return it free of charge.

We chose something for inspiration great fashion combinations for spring and summer 2020, and you can order everything at

ULTRA chic and HYPE look

For anyone betting on the latest fashion trends and the perfect look, we have really good news. Want to stand out and shine with your fashion look? BestSecret is in this case your greatest allyas it allows you to maximize choosing trendy clothes and fashion accessories after the best prices. When you register in this exclusive fashion community you will find that it has never been easier and cheaper to be in touch with high fashion. is a real treasure trove of the most desirable fashion pieces for both her and him, a large selection of fashion accessories, everything from sunglasses, handbags and shoes, you will easily achieve the perfect look for even the most glamorous events.

BUSINESS SMART - Perfect business style

Because the first impression is the most important it is perfect business style of dress how important. The secret of success is also in the combination of the appropriate style according to the individual business opportunity, but of course it is also important that you feel good in the dress. Login to gives you a choice of hundreds of pieces of premium business attire to always create the perfect first impression.

SUMMER CHIC - Time to enjoy the sun

Although exotic travel they seem very far away at the moment, we all need to avoid our daily routine. Escape from everyday life can also be a state of mind that can begin with choosing your next summer outfit. It will be elegant dress with a tropical touch or buying casual shorts?

COMFY AT HOME - Comfort in the embrace of home

We currently spend a lot of time at home and when we talk about fashion for between home four walls, we can't help but look for comfortable clothes made of natural materials, which allow us to feel as comfortable as possible in them. BestSecret offers a wide range of the highest quality clothing, which offer maximum comfort, and you will always look top-notch in them.

EVENING CHIC - For festive occasions

Whatever the occasion, you will be with clothing fashion brands at always radiating elegance and sophisticated style that will be noticed by others as well. You can be classically elegant or casual sleek, in online store there is something for every style.

SPORTS - Stay active in style

Spring is that time of year that just calls for that we do sports, it is even better if we do it outside. For anyone who is an athlete at heart or would like to move just a little, he has BestSecret available an exceptional selection of sportswear and footwear from the best brands and for every sports occasion.

Become a member of the exclusive BestSecret fashion community and get premium brand clothing and fashion accessories at the best prices and with discounts of up to 80 percent.

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