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FORMULA E is ready to supply FORMULA 1 with racers and staff

Ian James, head of Mercedes ’Formula E team, thinks the series is nearing a stage where it could start catering to the royal motorsport class.

In the early stages, it is a completely electric series Formula E became a popular destination for racers who lost their seats in Formulas 1 and it featured an abundance of successful stars of the royal motorsport class, among them as well Felipe Massa, runner - up from 2008.

Formula E is before the season 2020-2021 received status for the first time World Cup. The status of Formula E is not the only thing that has changed, as in recent years there have been more high-profile manufacturers than Mercedes, Nissan, Audi, Jaguar, BMW in Porsche, laid the foundation for development electrical technology and thus show the value of the series for the automotive industry. Otherwise Audi in BMW announced its departure, and on the other hand intends to join this series McLaren. And even in the field of racers, it’s no longer just about reuniting colleagues from Formula 1. In fact, it’s only six of the total 24 racers, who will drive in the new season, once also appeared in Formula 1.

The Mercedes Formula E team believes that this electric series has reached a point where staff movements can begin in both directions.

Therefore James he thinks we are approaching the stage when we can Formula E actually begins to supply paddock Formula 1 with racers and staff. “I think Formula E as a series now reaches a point where we will see the flow in both directions (between Formula E and Formula 1, op.p.),”Said the head of the electric silver arrows to colleagues from "And I’m not just thinking here from the racers ’point of view. See the entire team staff. Engineers, mechanics, team management and racers. I see an opportunity where we will see people moving between the two series year after year. There are some very good reasons for this. Before our seventh season, it shows again that this status is truly deserved and serves us well for the future."

Shifts from Formula E to Formula 1 and vice versa can also occur in the field of racing. On top of that, the electric series achieved World Cup status.

Antonio Felix da Costa, the current champion Formula E, has already spoken of the desire to stay in this electric series and chase success similar to that achieved in Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton. "What Lewis is doing in Formula 1 will now motivate me in Formula E,He said da Costa for colleagues from "I want to keep trying to break records and leave my mark in this series. That’s my momentum right now."              




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