FORMULA E postponed the BEGINNING of the season in CHILE

Formula E has announced that it has postponed the start of the new season, which is expected to start with a racing weekend in Santiago de Chile.

Photo: Formula E

Seventh season electric series is scheduled to begin in mid-January in the capital Chile, a so pri Formula E wrote the following in a press release: “After consulting with the city authorities in Santiago de Chile, we decided to postpone the event. The races scheduled for January 16 and 17 have been postponed and we are currently working on setting a new date for the first quarter of 2021. ”

Iz Formula E they did not say the reason why such a change took place, but admit that they had quite a few logistical problemshow to get all the equipment out of Europe v South America. Last season of Formula E was also strongly marked pandemic new coronavirus as they had to cancel a series of races and the season finale was in Berlin where they performed six dirk at the former airport Tempelhof.

Testing for the new season is at Formula E performed earlier this month at the racetrack Ricardo Tormo near Valencia, and the 2021 season will be the first season of the competition in which it has official World Cup status. Race delay in Chile could have a domino effect on other stations in the championship, as a second station is already scheduled for the end of February in Dirija in Saudi Arabia.





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