Andrea DOVIZIOSO settles accounts with DUCATI and Luigi Dall'Igno: Same LIES

Andrea Dovizioso has revealed how his relationship with Ducati racing director Luigi Dall'Igno has been steadily deteriorating, and explains what particularly annoys him about it all.

Contract between Ducati in Andreo Dovizioso expired at the end of last year. This ended an eight-year collaboration marked by ups and downs. And finally honey Ducati in "Dovijem" it wasn’t exactly harmonious.

It is after the official expiration of the contract Dovizioso in a newspaper interview Journal of Sport spoke about his frustrations and explained how and why the relationship with race director Ducati, Luigi “Gigi” Dall'Igno drastically deteriorated.

“What kind of relationship do I have with Gigi? None at all, ” comments Dovizioso. “We’ve been at 30 percent in the last few years. When Jorge Lorenzo came in 2017, my team was a bit isolated from discussions and different views on things. ”

The relationship between Gigi Dall’Igno and Dovizios is set to finally explode in the middle of the 2019 season.

“We stopped talking about motorcycle development. There were no other meetings to discuss developments. But Ducati has potential. The knowledge and skills are enormous. That's why it makes me very angry. We could achieve more, " he said three-time runner-up in MotoGP.

"Gigi and I haven't talked normally since 2017. There's always been someone raising their voice," he says Dovizioso, thus revealing that the thorn in the heel of his last period at Ducati was primarily Dall'Igna.

“Decisions were made exclusively by Gigi. There is talk of the Ducati team, but it is all in the hands of a single person. All decisions are made by him. Just like the decision with Lorenzo in 2017, ” explains Dovizioso and reveals: "At the start of the 2016 season, there was a chance that Marquez would sign for Ducati, but Gigi had already decided and wanted Lorenza."

Pred Doviziosovo sudden decision to leave are at Ducati explain to the public that there are difficulties in negotiating with him. The latter denies that they ever happened: “They said I wanted this and that. Lies themselves. There was never an offer. There were no negotiations. I didn’t even know they didn’t want me anymore. But I already knew that Dall'Igna hadn't wanted me since at least last year's Sachsenring, when we had a big fight. "




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