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BRUNDLE: Ayrton SENNA was a conflicting character

Ayrton Senna’s companions recall the unusual character of the Brazilian racer. Already in British Formula 3, his myth began to be drawn.

Ayrton Senna also 26 years after the tragic accident in Imoli is considered a Formula 1 legend surrounded by myth. Brazilian he attracted crowds and impressed his fans with his reckless way of racing and exceptional talent. "He was a remarkable man,”Recalls his racing companion Martin Brundle.

Senna is in the British Championship Formula 3 in the 1983 season dominated and did so arbitrarily. He won 12 of a total of 20 races and eventually landed before Brundlom, who won three races at the time. “In 1983, I talked to him a lot. Quite a conflicting character in many ways. His drive was his heart, less his head. Many of his patterns that I experienced in Formula 3 I also saw in Formula 1,”He remembers Brundle the beginnings of racing in the lower series. They are both years old 1984 entered Formula 1, Senna to the team Toleman, Brundle pa v Tyrell. Even in the royal class of motorsport, the remarkable talent remained faithful. “For example, he was always willing to risk an accident if he had to prove something. To beat you psychologically."

Martin Brundle and Ayrton Senna competed in the British Formula 1983 Championship in 3, where the Brazilian arbitrarily dominated and already at that time showed his racing character.

Also Brundle has faced several times Senno. These clashes ended only when the British no longer relented. Before that, however, he was with Brazilians involved in several serious accidents, such as in Oulton Park in 1983. Senna he wanted to overtake on the inside, but it lifted him up and he landed on the race car Brundla. Ten years later, honey Senno in Brundlom exploded again, this time in Monzi in 1993. The Brazilian slipped into the rear of the car in front of him while braking. “He adjusted the balance of his brakes and braked too late in another chicane and found himself in my race car,”Remembers the team racer at the time Ligier. That was it Sennin paradox. "On the one hand, he was always ready to drive into your car if he thought it was right. Just like he did with Alain Prost in Suzuki."

Already in Formula 3, the legendary Brazilian proved that he was ready to risk a collision in order to succeed and intimidate his competitors, which he also showed in Formula 1 in the case of Prosta in Suzuki.

Damon Hill, Senna 's immediate teammate at Williams 1994, confirms: "Sometimes he raced with such anger that it completely overwhelmed him." Brundle but here he adds: “Otherwise, he was the first to get out of the race car to come to you to see if you were doing well.”In the aforementioned close meeting at GP of Italy at Monza, Senna pushed the Briton sharply into the protective fence. “I thought, 'If you fly up to me now to see if I'm okay, then you'll get one on the muzzle, because that was solely your fault!' However, he was very worried that he might hurt me." When it's Brundle got out of the car unharmed, he was in his head Senne something switched. “His head switched to the championship because he was in a big fight for the title with Prost. We stood by the fence and watched the other race cars drive past us."

Brundle, for whom Senne’s reputation will last forever, revealed another peculiarity of the Brazilian and that is that he had a feeling that the whole system was against him.

Brundle he still knows today that he is Brazilian started counting. Another specialty of the three-time world champion remained in his memory forever. “He always had the feeling that the whole system was against him. He was convinced that in British Formula 3 there was a British motorsport system against him.”Also in Formula 1 he saw in FIA and the then President Jean-Marie Balestreu opponent or foe. “He always carried that in himself." Therefore Brundle today too Senno describes it as an unusual character. For the British, however, the fact is also indisputable: “Senna is an icon. His fame will last forever."                                                       




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