IMOLA hopes to be able to host SPECTATORS this year as well

The president of the region, Emilia Romagna, hopes that the spectators will also be able to take part in the April Formula 1 race, although this will be far from possible given the current situation.

Imola returned to the race calendar last year due to the coronavirus pandemic Formula 1, 14 years after the last event, which this time bore the name VN Emilija Romanje. Traditional racetrack in Italy this year was not scheduled to run a race, but they are responsible for it revised calendar the beginning of the season Imolo re-listed and the fastest circus caravan will be hosted there this year 18. April.

V last year a plan was drawn up to bring the race that was scheduled in autumn time, attended 13.000 spectators per day, but this plan prevented the deterioration of the situation in Italy in the days before the race, so it took place behind closed doors. At the moment, many countries, especially in Evropi, ubada z a new wave of infections and deaths, and Italy needs to take more stringent measures in the coming days. “Imola is preparing for the reception of the European round of races of the 2021 season,He said Stefano Bonaccini, president of the region Emilija Romanje.

In Imola, they hope to be able to host fans this year, albeit in limited numbers. But the current situation with coronavirus in Europe shows that this will be all too soon.

"We hope to be able to open the racetrack to the public, albeit in limited numbers, which can ensure maximum safety for all,Added Bonaccini. Marco Panieri, prefect Imole, but added: “Specific protocols for such events will be evaluated with the national government and the region to examine the possibility of public presence.”But given the current situation in Evropi, where the government is of the opinion that the first half of this year still in the grip of this dangerous virus is a race in Imoli with spectators in the stands all the sooner than possible.




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