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GP BAHRAIN, qualifiers: Max's POLE POSITION prediction of the end of MERCEDES dominance?

This year's first qualifiers of the season indicated that they could play a more even championship this year than in previous years.

Photo: Red Bull Content Pool

We finally got them - first qualifications this season. Because v Bahrain the sun was already hiding behind the horizon, temperatures in the qualifiers were significantly lower than on 3. free training in asphalt temperature it has meanwhile declined by whole 18 degrees Celsius.

Q1 - Mazepin spoils the day for Vettl and Ocon

He set the time first Mick Schumacher, which, of course, was not the authoritative value, and his teammate played the most in Q1 Mazepin, who, after a questionable overtaking maneuver in the first turn, turned just before the end of the first part of the qualifications and thus spoiled the day at least Esteban Ocon in Sebastian Vettl, which had to slow down due to the yellow flags and together with Mazepine, Schumacher in Latifijem dropped out in Q1.

Nothing like an encouraging start for a four-time world champion while Fernando Alonso in contrast to free practice, he drove a very good lap and advanced without any problems. In Q1, he set the fastest time otherwise Max Verstappen, and between him and Lewis Hamilton, a newcomer came in surprisingly Tsunoda z AlphaTauri. The Dutchman is in the second corner before that damaged the bottom your car.

Q2 - Perez's gambling with medium compound tires did not work out

Most of the racers decided to start the second part of the qualifications on medium tires, which, according to Pirelli's assurances, should be about a second slower than the soft ones on the lap. The best time was set by Lewis Hamilton, who was half a second faster on medium tires than in the first part of qualifying. He was followed by Verstappen and Bottas.

In the second attempt, they broke through to the top both Ferraris, but on soft tires, so it all had to be taken at least a little with a reserve. But it ended up with tires "Gambled" Sergio Perez, who did not decide to exchange, stayed on medium tires and in the end he was 35 thousandths behind the tenth place, which still leads to the third part of the qualifications. They dropped out next to him Giovinazzi, Tsunoda, who failed to repeat the show from Q1, Raikkönen in Russell.

Sergio Perez did not succeed in gambling with medium-sized tires. He dropped out in Q2 - Photo: Red Bull

Q3 - Pole position for Max Verstappn

The third part of the qualifiers offered a very interesting fight for pole position, which he eventually sovereignly won Max Verstappen, as it was almost four tenths faster than the competition. In the first attempt, the difference between him and Hamilton was significantly smaller, only 23 thousandths of a second.

He finished third Valtteri Bottas, A duel of both Ferrari he got it after Sainz’s mistake Leclerc, duel The McLarns racers Ricciardo. Among them, he came in fifth Pierre Gasly. The last two places in the top ten belonged Fernando Alonso in Lance Stroll.

After the end of the first qualifiers, it seems that a much more interesting season awaits us than last year. Max Verstappen confirmed good form from tests and training, and their other husband is struggling with fate Alexa Albona from last season. A positive surprise is definitely the return of Ferrari to the top ten, he also did his part Fernando Alonso, which will start as the ninth. Sebastian Vettel in Esteban Ocon they are the eighth graders of today’s qualifiers, and it all boiled down to them Nikita mazepin, which was by far the slowest.

Bahrain GP, ​​qualifications - results:

M.The driverTeamHourLag
1M. VerstappenRed Bull1:28.997
2L. HamiltonMercedes1:29.385+ 0: 00.388
3V. BottasMercedes1:29.586+ 0: 00.589
4C. LeclercFerrari1:29.678+ 0: 00.681
5P. GaslyAlphaTauri1:29.809+ 0: 00.812
6D. RicciardoMcLaren1:29.927+ 0: 00.930
7L. NorrisMcLaren1:29.974+ 0: 00.977
8C. SainzFerrari1:30.215+ 0: 01.218
9F. AlonsoAlpine1:30.249+ 0: 01.252
10L. StrollAston Martin1:30.601+ 0: 01.604
11S. PerezRed Bull1:30.659
12A. GiovinazziAlfa Romeo1:30.708+ 0: 00.049
13Y. TsunodaAlphaTauri1:31.203+ 0: 00.544
14K. RäikkönenAlfa Romeo1:31.238+ 0: 00.579
15Mr. RussellWilliams1:33.430+ 0: 02.771
16E. OconAlpine1:31.724
17N. LatifiWilliams1:31.936+ 0: 00.212
18S. VettelAston Martin1:32.056+ 0: 00.332
19M. SchumacherHaas F11:32.449+ 0: 00.725
20N. MazepinHaas F11:33.273+ 0: 01.549

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