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We indulged in a little prank yesterday and announced that Lewis Hamilton will retire at the end of this season. Of course, this is not true.

Photo: HB Press

April Fool's Day pranks they are very popular and serve to spice things up day of fools, as we call this day. It excites people a sense of satisfactionif you can someone naplahtajo with misinformation, and the result is laughter on both sides. If we succeeded with ours contributionto you at least for a moment we flirt or at least smile, we have achieved our purpose. Otherwise, laughter is half the battle.

Of course Lewis Hamilton nowhere did he announce his words and will strive this year to be with the eighth title enters the champion in the history books Formula 1. But 2021 could make his job even more difficult Max Verstappen, which has a very good race car this year. Already in the opening race of the season he was close to winning, but he is a team Red Bull failed the strategy exam.

Lewis Hamilton would probably laugh at our April Fool's prank - Photo: HB Press

Otherwise stated facts and statements all the actors in our April Fool’s joke stick in full. So except for the statement that the seven-time world champion will retire, everything else is true. In the meantime no one knows, what is the mood Hamilton, after z Mercedes signed only a one-year contract. What lies behind it, we may or may never know.

Irony but our April Fool's joke is that we could do this became real. Because at this moment Hamilton's retirement no one, we emphasize no one cannot exclude. Given the fact that he wants to Mercedes in terms of the racing lineup of the year 2022 decision to be taken by in May, even before the race in Monaco, we’ll get the answer to whether it’s an April Fool’s joke or even a fact next month.  

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