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We knew the car would not be GOOD, so why waste money

So said Günther Steiner, head of the American Haas team in terms of this season and the team’s decision not to develop their car.

Photo: HB Press

South Tyrol has already admitted before the start of the season that the team knew well what the race car was for this season they won’t be able to concretely improve, so they decided it would be a year 2021 for them transient and that it is to some extent an investment for the near future.

"The only development we've done in the car has been to adapt to this year's rules, so you can't expect the car to be better,”Is Steiner said in an interview for the official website Formula 1. "By changing the rules for this year, the car has actually deteriorated as it has been stripped of its vacuum, so it’s about how little can you do? When we started developing in November last year, we knew we couldn’t catch up with the others."

Günther Steiner, head of the Haas team, said in terms of this year’s season that they didn’t want to waste money on developing a car if they knew it wasn’t going to be good. Therefore, 2021 will be a transitional year for them - Photo: HB Press

Team boss Haas continues: “So why waste money? The car was bad in 2019, it was no better in 2020 and then you would suddenly invest in a car that will only take 23 races? I think that would be pure madness in my opinion. I am aware that we will finish at the tail end of the championship this year, but we are hoping for next year, which we are also aiming for so that we can return to where we were in 2018."It simply came to our notice then Haas finished on fifth place and they seemed to be well on their way to the usual place in in the middle of the field. The next two seasons, however, ended at ninth place and there seems to be nothing more this year either.                    

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