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WILLIAMS will follow HAAS and focus on 2022

Williams has not returned to the middle of the Formula 1 field since 2019. Due to major problems, they had to catch up. With George Russell, they have a very talented racer on the team and things are slowly settling down.

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They fought a few times in last year’s championship approached the rankingsthat provide points, and this season is the team’s goal Williams that they win the coveted points in the same racing line-up.

Nevertheless, the British team and Grove it won't work in full to score these points. “After all, this is a transitional year and we are already focusing on the 2022 season car,”Is in a conversation for colleagues from admitted Williams CEO Jost capito. "We will not be in trouble at the 2022 race car due to the development of this year’s race car." With that I got it confirms that they follow the example of the team Haas, where they completely stopped the development of this year 's race car. “There’s not much we can do about the current race car. This season, we will continue to fight and push as hard as we can. We know where our car is located and we will try to develop only within the limits, without affecting the preparation for 2022."

Jost Capito, Williams ’CEO, admitted that the Grove team will also focus on the 2022 season and follow Haas, who will not be developing this year’s race car.

Williams will race its first full season this year with new investors, so it makes sense that they want to do well in the year 2022. "We need an important step with the new rules and thus with the new race car. This is also our goal. We will not measure success in this year's championship by points or position. We need to start to understand the race car better," Ends I got it.                                       

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