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It is the new MERCEDES EQS, a luxury sedan with 770 kilometers of REACH

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the image of its S-Class electric iteration, which offers a lot of power, plenty of comfort and a very concrete range, among other things.

We’ve been able to view photos of the huge 56-inch screen before hyperscreen, and now we have the opportunity to see its owner, Mercedes EQS, an electric luxury cruiser from Stuttgart. This is the first Mercedes electric limousine and for the first electric sedan higher class in the world.

Mercedes EQS, which is kind of electric version of class S, in appearance and appearance is not exactly typical of a large Mercedes, which is perhaps a minor surprise. But the car is a real treasure trove of modern technology.

New Mercedes EQS is placed on a whole new platform MEA (Modular Electric Architecture) for electric cars, which was the only option to combine the quality of the existing S-Class and new emission-free car technologies to get a combination of luxury, comfort, all the necessary advanced driving aids and the latest generation infotainment system MBUX hyperscreen. The new Mercedes EQS platform provides rear-wheel drive and a four-wheel drive version 4Matic with a lot of power, comfort, style and safety. So everything the Stuttgart brand has always been famous for.

Long-term collaboration of aerodynamics experts with designers has brought exceptional value coefficient of air resistance, that's why Eqs the most aerodynamic large-series car in the world. It also achieves very good results at energy recovery by braking without the use of the brake pedal. The EQS is very close to the Mercedes S-Class in terms of length, length of 5,21 meters and width (1,92 meters).

The first model 450+ offers maximum range 770 kilometers and a total power of up to 385 kW, which are suitable values ​​for a large sedan and worthy of the Class S mark. In the near future, we expect the arrival of a high-performance version. system power 560 kW, which will have an electric drive assembly (eATS) on both the front and rear axles.

Batteries new generations with significantly higher energy density they allow for significantly greater range, which is why it has Eqs 26 percent higher share of usable energy than EQC model. You can charge the battery at fast chargers with power up to 200 kW, which means you will be able to EQS in 15 minutes filled it to the extent that allows 300 kilometers drive. On conventional chargers or at home, you can charge up to 22 kW with the built-in EQS charger.

Definitely too Mercedes EQS, just like before everyone new class S to be the best and most advanced car in the world, and the start of sales is already known - it starts on June 15 this year, and the first examples in showrooms are expected in November. Prices remain unknown for now.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz EQS

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