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MAY 5 is the EXTREME version of the FERRARI 812 Superfast

Ferrari has unveiled the first official images of the special series of the 812 Superfast model, which will be officially unveiled on May 5th.

At that time, it will also be known what the official name of this special version of the model will be Ferrari 812 Superfast, and all together will be known at the end special event, by Ferrari 5. May broadcast live through its social media channels.

A special version, which will be officially unveiled on May 5, will be powered by an atmospheric V12 engine with 825 hp.

But something is already known facts. Let’s just mention that the said athlete will be powered by the latest version Ferrari's atmospheric V12 enginewho can 825 BAM and so it is the strongest a classic representative of its kind ever made in Maranellu.

Compared to the engine that drives "Normal" Model 812 Superfast, the latest instance has several new components. Let's just mention the new valve control and cylinder head changes, and the new exhaust system also contributes to the extra power.

Pri Ferrari they claim to have improved in their style as well car handling, with the system described as "Independent control of all four wheels", but we’ll see what this word coinage actually means. The exterior of the car has also undergone significant changes, which, according to Ferrari's PR department, "Significantly altered" and offers even more aerodynamic pressure to the ground. More about the newcomer will, as already mentioned, be known on May 5th.

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