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HYUNDAI Kona N: A CROSSROAD who is not even afraid of the RACE

Hyundai’s sports department, marked by the letter N, has got a new member, Kono N.

Hyundai N has already gained a large base of sports driving enthusiasts, but so far they have been at least somewhat limited by the relatively narrow range of vehicles from this program. They were well aware of this as well Hyundaias they are models i20 N, i30 N in Veloster n now add another model Kona N.

Hyundai kona n is the first crossover in the sports department, and the Korean brand assures that it is "A winning combination of sportiness and practicality that doesn't scare even racetracks."

Given the factory presentation itself, it’s right to focus on what first Kona N hiding under the hood. It is a two-liter four-cylinder forced-injection petrol engine that can handle it 206 kW (280 HP) maximum power and 392 Nm of maximum torque. It is worth mentioning that the maximum power can be at the touch of a button N Green Shift temporarily increased to 213 kW (290 hp).

The engine is connected to eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmissions, which are at him Hyundai devoted a number of sports modifications. Among other things, it also has changed gear ratios and a new control unit that allows for faster shifting.

The sporty exterior has also undergone some sporting changes Kona N separates from less potent relatives. Among other things, she won its own refrigerator grille, bulkier bumpers with a hint of red and a huge round exhaust system finish. The interior has been finished in a similar style.

Prices for it for now at Hyundai have not yet been disclosed, but they guarantee it will Kona N despite its sporty pedigree, it is also accessible to a wider audience.

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