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ALFA ROMEO accepts FIA decision: RAIKKONEN without points in IMOLA

The Alfa Romeo team experienced a double failure in Portugal. After Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi were left without points, the FIA ​​informed the team that it was rejecting their appeal of the result in Imola.

Photo: HB Press

Remember that it is Kimi Raikkonen dirko VN Emilija Romanje in Imola finished in ninth place, but at the end of the race the commissioners imposed a mark-up penalty 30 seconds (for 10 seconds Stop-and-Go penalty), which is Finca thrown out of the top ten.

Tekom formation circle after the red flag is popular Iceman ran off the track and consequently they overtook him Lewis Hamilton in Yuki tsunoda. Raikkonen should comply with the regulations FIA re-occupy his position, but did not do so. As a result Alfa Romeo received a substantial time penalty while he was Raikkonen previously punished by the loss of two places.

The team made the decision The FIA ​​appealed with new evidence, but their protest was nonetheless rejected. The Commissioners ruled that the punishment remains at the site of. But they benefited from it Esteban Ocon in Fernando Alonso. The team Alfa Romeo however, it is now a message via social media that respects the decision of the FIA and that they are now focusing on the next race GP of Spain, which will be in Barcelona this weekend.        

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