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The Daily Mail reveals: RUSSELL will replace BOTTAS before the end of the season!

Surprising news from the Mercedes team. According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, Mercedes is expected to fire Valtteri Bottas before the end of the season, and George Russell will become the new teammate of Lewis Hamilton.

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At first glance, this sounds like April Fool's joke. The British newspaper refers to an anonymous source inside Mercedes. According to this Mercedes engineer, the team is expected to lose confidence in Bottasa. "There's some unrest in the factory about Valtteri,”Said an anonymous source. “He is not ready, which became clear when we saw Russell last year in Bahrain."

The fact that they are Bottas results at Mercedes disappointment, in itself is not new. At a time when Bottas in Hamilton they drive together at Mercedes, Lewis got 44 dirk, Valtteri pa le nine. When it's Russell last season in one race in Bahrain replacing Hamilton, the young Briton literally overshadowed the Finnish racer.

Will George Russell occupy the cockpit of a Mercedes race car sooner than he hoped and wanted?

Bottasov early departure could consequently be linked to the worst battle for the constructor title in the hybrid era of Formula 1, which we are just witnessing this season. With a stronger one Red Bullom and a sharp and close duel between Max Verstappn in Lewis Hamilton this season, it may happen that Mercedes will not win the title. This is why it is especially important this year another powerful racer at Hamilton, which Bottas, judging by the source, it is not at the moment.

He will make the final decision Toto wolff, team boss Mercedes, which has so far always openly supported Bottasa. Let’s remember that they are too Pierre Gasly in Alex Albon pri Red Bullu received the same support, but what happened to them is known. However, it is necessary in the case Mercedesa point out that the factor that sounds like the name is forgotten here Lewis Hamilton and if he extends his contract, he will not want to have a young man with him Russella.                 

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