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MICK SCHUMACHER on the advice given to him by his father MICHAEL

In an interview with an Italian newspaper, Mick Schumacher, of course, also talked about his father Michael.

A novice Formula 1 he issued, among other things, what advice he gave it to him father even at a time when he was racing in go-karts. “The most important thing he told me at the time was to have fun with what I was doing."

Because what you do with with joy, you do after all too double, he believes Schumacher. As part Ferrari Academy young racers, is a team racer Haas also repeatedly confronted with the successful years of his father in the red robe. For example, as it spins circles on Ferraris home test track v Fioranu. "When I think about the occasional trip to Fioran, where my dad drove hundreds of laps, it’s something very exciting."

In a conversation with the Italian media, Mick revealed what his father had advised him during the go-kart race, and the Haas racer also reveals that he is not looking for role models in Formula 1, but is trying to find his way.

Even when, as a racer, he is addressed about his role models, Mick Schumacher emphasizes: "I love my father and I think he always did everything in the best possible way. Otherwise, I focus only on myself, I'm not looking for any role models, I'm trying to find my own path,He added Mick.   

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