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VERSTAPPEN rejects rumors about MERCEDES: No reason to change

The future of the royal class of motorsport is uncertain in many ways. Especially for a team racer red Bull, Max Verstappen.

Honda is saying goodbye to this season Formula 1 and like other teams, it remains to be seen how it will go Red Bull adapted to the new rules for the year 2022. Does he have enough confidence in Red Bullto stay on the team after this season?

"I've answered these things many times before,”Is Verstappen told the official website Formula 1. "I feel very good in the team and there is no reason to change that anyway. Even before the engine program, I would be happy to be where I am and I hope that we will be able to work together for a very long time. Yeah, there's not much to say.“The fact that they are about it Verstappen asked again at a press conference in Portimau, is associated with construction engine compartment, which begins at Red Bullu.

Max Verstappen once again denied rumors about Mercedes in Portimao, stressing that there is no reason to change the team as he is happy in Red Bullin - Photo: HB Press

Verstappen in recent years, often associated with Mercedes, but the arrival of a Mercedes engineer Ben Hodgkinson could dispel any doubts. However, doubt is not a word found in Verstappnov orator. Not just in terms of their own future at Red Bullu, but also about his performance at third race of the season. "I’m always confident and it has nothing to do with whether I win a race or not. I just hope we’re competitive enough like we were in the first two races."       


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