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MONACO: A pocket country of the beautiful and the rich

Monaco is officially the second smallest country in the world, squeezed on a slope between the Mediterranean Sea and the Provencal hills.

Monako it is officially a principality, and the whole territory of this pocket state encompasses everything two square kilometers, which is say less than the surface area Portorož, and of course Monaco is significantly more densely populated than our seaside resort, as it is home to more than 38 (mostly very wealthy) residents who take advantage of the combination of the warm Mediterranean climate and for their pocket a benevolent tax policy. Monaco is not part of the European Union, so it is subject to telephone tariffs for third parties, which is why it is wise to turn off data transfer before entering the country, if there is no need for it.

The principality is administratively divided into quarters, among which it is the most famous Monte Carlo, which is also the official capital of the principality. The history of this pocket country, which has been ruled by it since the fifteenth century, is also very colorful the Grimaldi family. He was its founder Francesco Grimaldi, also called Prebrisani, as he captured the fortress that stood in this territory by disguising himself as a Capuchin monk with his soldiers.

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One hundred years after the conquest, the area of ​​present-day Monaco was bought by the Grimaldi family from the Aragonese kings. Until the French Revolution (1793), the principality was more or less autonomous, although it was in a kind of special vassal relationship with the French kings. Principality of Monaco was subjected to numerous incursions and attacks by enemies, most recently during World War II, when it was first occupied by the Italians, and after the Italian capitulation, in Monako invaded Germans.

Oceanographic Museum (Musée océanographique)

In 1993, it became an official member of the United Nations with full voting rights. Between the country France and a constitutional monarchy Monaco there is also a treaty which states that even if in the future the monarch did not have an heir, Monako continue to remain independent state. The request is not so unusual if we know that until 2002, according to the Constitution, the Prime Minister of Monaco had to be a French citizen, who was otherwise appointed to this position. monastic prince, but from among the candidates proposed by the French Government.

The main reason so many rich people are moving to Monaco is favorable tax policy. The country's wealth largely stems from gambling as well as tourism. The most important annual tourist event is definitely a Formula 1 race for the Monaco Grand Prix. On the streets of Monaco, one can see such and such cars of the rich, cars that you might not see live anywhere else. Just walking through the streets is fascinating because the splendor of immense wealth is visible around almost every corner. Everything is even more impressive in the port, where the yachts of the wealthiest inhabitants of Monaco are moored.

The combination of a pleasant climate and a favorable tax policy in Monaco attracts rich people from all over the world.

O the wealth of Monaco many expensive boutiques, jewelry stores, even more expensive hotels and restaurants also testify. The price of the dinner menu often exceeds one thousand euros. It is known that he has been buying apartments there lately as well many wealthy single women. Supposedly, almost every other bank account in Monaco is opened by a woman. The high-rise apartment buildings in the city have a ground-floor reception area where receptionists are present day and night. On the bells no names listed, only numbers.

The street trail in Monaco runs along the seaside promenade Monte Carlo in La Condamina and the streets along it. The president of the Monaco Automobile Club was the first to get excited about the race in the principality Anthony Noghes, who is also credited with seeing the checkered flag fly at the end of the race. For the first time they are racing for GP Monaco carried out as early as 1929, and to this day Monaco along the Monza is the only venue for the Formula 1 Championship race that has persisted in the calendar from the very beginning.

The race for the Monaco Grand Prix was first organized on the streets of Monte Carlo in 1929.

Track preparation takes six weeks and post-race removal takes three weeks. The racetrack has many ups and downs, narrow bends and only one longer plane, making the track a big challenge for all racers. Twice so far, one of the racers has landed in the sea in a collision. The most famous such example is an accident Alberta Ascari in 1955. Despite several minor changes to the track over the years, it still represents the biggest test of racing skills in Formula 1. Nelson Piquet he liked to compare racing in Monaco with riding a bike around the living room but added that victory here is worth more than victories elsewhere

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