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The Hungarian capital along the Danube is always an attractive tourist destination due to its picturesque location, magnificent royal and imperial buildings and special atmosphere.

Budapest the banks of the Danube and the old town of Budim are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Danube, which can be crossed over many beautiful bridges, is also culturally separated I wake up in Pesto. Visitors get in Budapest feeling like you were really walking through time.

Visit to Parliament

Just look over Danube and you will find that Budapest it has no tall skyscrapers. The tallest building is Hungarian Parliament (Országház), which measures exactly in height 96 metrov, which represents the last two issues of the year when the Hungarians settled in the area (896). Such a height represents a kind of national symbol that builders must not exceed. The parliament was built between 1885 and 1905 in the neo-Gothic style according to plans Imre Steindl is one of Budapest’s most famous landmarks.

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