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Official: MERCEDES will leave FORMULA E at the end of next season and will focus only on FORMULA 1

It became clear last week, and now Mercedes has also officially confirmed that it will say goodbye to Formula E after the end of next season. The manufacturer will focus entirely on Formula 1.

Za Mercedes adventure Formula E it did not last long. V fifth season the electric racing series laid the foundations for the current Mercedes team under the name HWA Racelab.

V sixth season is Mercedes really involved in the sport, being their racers Stoffel vandoorne in Nyck de Vries. With three podiums and the victory of the Belgian in the last race, their first year was not without merit. But v seventh season Mercedes got everything he wanted. Title racing champion won in Berlin Nyck de Vries, together with a teammate, they also won team title. It is now Mercedes announced that he would participate in eighth season, and then said goodbye.

This year, in the seventh season of Formula E, Mercedes has won both the racing and team titles, and after the end of the eighth season next year, it will say goodbye to this electric racing series.

"The brand has deliberately decided to redirect funds for this accelerated increase in electrification, including the development of three electric-only architectures to be launched in 2025. Therefore, Mercedes will reallocate funds away from its ABB FIA Formula E World Championship program. and use the experience gained in competition for the serial development of its products,”Reads the press release Mercedesa.

"In the future, the company will focus its activities in motorsport only on Formula 1, thus consolidating the status of sport as the fastest laboratory for the development and demonstration of sustainable and flexible future performance technologies,”Is further written in their statement.

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