NETFLIX has released the first TRAILER documentary about Michael SCHUMACHER

Netflix, a streaming platform, offered an emotional look at a documentary about Michael Schumacher in a two-minute-long Trailer for a taste.

Ob 30th anniversary debut in Formula 1 Michael Schumacher je Netflix released the first Trailer of a documentary about the seven-time champion, which will be fully visible on this streaming channel 15. September.

Less than two minutes a long video shows clips from this documentary. Michael's father spoke in it Rolf, his wife Corinna and also both children Maria Gina in Mick. "Every time I look at him, I say to myself: I want to be like that,”Said his son, for example Mick, the current racer of the Haas team. Also Sebastian Vettel is present and said of Michael Schumacher: “No one was like him. ” In addition interview clips, the clip also shows emotional photos from Schumacher's racing careers as well as numerous private recordings.

A trailer for a documentary about Michael Schumacher, which will be shown on the Netflix streaming platform on September 15th.

Documentary Fr. Michael Schumacher was announced at the end of July this year. According to his longtime manager Sabine kehm, is supposed to be a family gift to a beloved husband and father. The producers of the film are Benjamin Seikel in Vanessa Nöcker from B / 14 FILM GmbH. But they directed it Hans-Bruno Kammertöns, Vanessa Nöcker in Michael Wech.

"The biggest challenge for the directors was certainly to find a balance between independent reporting and family consideration," she said Nöcker. "Corinna Schumacher was our biggest support here. She herself wanted the film to be genuine, portraying Michael as he is, with all its ups and downs, without any embellishment."                                                                   

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